I have been composing for many years, mostly for piano.  I received a prize for my organ work, Prelugue in D (see videos below) and my piano pieces have been voted as winners (and runners up) of the international Fidelio Piano Composition Contest. (see number 54 and 83 in this list).  On this page you will find these pieces together with works for choir and string quartet.

Below is a flip book where you can explore some of my latest educational and original piano music for around grade 5-6 intermediate level.  The music is inspired by a range of inventions that changed history in various ways, in a number of different styles.  Complete recordings of each piece are featured alongside just the first few pages of sheet music.  Interested parties please get in touch.


Variations on a Noble Theme features Kate Conway (violin), Michelle Taylor-Cohen (violin), Nina Kopinska (viola), Anterro Manocchi (cello).  Recording sponsored by Gordon and Alicia Menzies, the theme being their wedding music.

The Spinning Wheel (solo piano)

Stalactites and Stalagmites won first prize in an online competition hosted by in which participants voted for each other’s works in a series of different rounds.  A further short piano piece, Nocturne was also a finalist.  In recent years, Orbital Manouevres has also been a finalist (see videos at the top of the page).

Scores for all pieces are available on request.

Autumnal Sketches features the composer on piano, with Tom Philpott (viola) and Simon Macrae (clarinet)