Location & Fees

Piano lessons are conducted at my studio in Calverton, or online:

Spindle View,



NG14 6HF

I have a magnificent Weber 150 baby grand piano used for students at grade 5 and above, and a Kemble upright piano with a light responsive action for other students.  Calverton is easily accessible from Mapperley, Arnold, Ravenshead, Southwell and Lowdham, with some students travelling from further afield.  I teach every evening during the week, and in the daytime except on Wednesdays but no longer on Saturdays or weekends.  Due to demand I do have a waiting list, although it is always worth getting in touch to register your interest.


My teaching rates for most students are £32 per hour, with slightly higher rates for those wishing to use the grand piano as this requires extra care, tuning and maintenance.   Lessons are available in weekly slots of 30 mins, 40 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins, subject to availability.  Some adult students or advanced students may opt for fortnightly lessons as a more convenient option.  Please feel free to discuss your options with me either by phone or email.